Waistline - mobile application to help you lose weight
Sports and proper nutrition, with a competent approach, make life better and enjoyable
About the app
The program is structured in such a way that the effect of the lessons will be noticeable in 3 weeks!
Safe workouts will not only help to lose weight, but also become stronger and more enduring. You will have the opportunity to find a beautiful body relief.
If you do not have the opportunity to work out with
a personal trainer and you do not want to waste time experimenting, the APP Waistline is just for you.
Recommendations for proper nutrition and a well-designed daily diet will help you lose weight without exhausting diets and severe restrictions.
Advantages of the app
You can be anywhere in the world. Choose a convenient time for training. Exercise in turn on-and-repeat mode
Visible effect of trainings
Thanks to training, you can competently reduce weight in a short time
Diet for weight loss
All you have to do is start
You will receive a detailed nutrition plan for 29 days. The menu includes food that will help you get slimmer
About company
Be a better version of yourself with us
We are dedicated to building the most advanced health and fitness software platform and constantly making our technology smarter
Your goal is your what.
Our goal-setting tools will help you find the path to change that’s right for you
Use your progress as motivation
We develop solutions for health and wellness
Our mission is to do fitness accessible with the help of technologies and data in order to make people's life better, healthier and happier
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